9 Preset Styles – Preview Live

View all styles live by appending ?presets=preset# or &presets=preset# to the end of your URL such as http://yoursite.com/?presets=preset4.

In sequential order, Preset 1 - Preset 9. Please click on the image to load a live example of each style variation.

Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3

Preset 4 Preset 5 Preset 6

Preset 7 Preset 8 Preset 9
Access the Style Control settings from Admin Dashboard → Mercado Settings → Style.

Simple configure the options, then save and Gantry will automatically load the modified preset to your site.

  • Layout Mode: Standard or Component Only
  • Background Level High, Med or Low
  • Body Level: High or Low
  • CSS Style: Style 1-9
  • Sidepanel Position: Left or Right
  • Read More Style: Button or Link
  • Web Fonts: On – Off; Google Font Directory
  • Font Settings:
    • Font Family: Mercado, Geneva, Optima, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Lucida, Georgia, Palatino, or Various Google Fonts (dropdown)
    • Font Size: Default, Extra Large, Large, Small, Extra Small (dropdown)

Assigning a Style to a Specific Page

With Gantry, the ability to assign a certain style to an individual page has never been easier and/or more efficient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard → Paradox Settings
  • Create new Override
  • Choose a content item you wish to assign a different style to
  • Select your preset of choice from the Preset Styles dropdown
  • Configure the Settings area to your personal preferences
  • Save
Gantry Framework: Per Override Controls

Per Override Styles

Note: Gantry allows you to configure all options, on a per override basis. For example, you can assign Preset 2 to one page and Preset 4 to another.

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