Aleph Reed Relays

Currently ALEPH manufactures over twenty different reed relay series that include: high power, high voltage, high insulation resistance (I.R.), low thermal EMF, RF relays and surface mounted relays (SMT). As a leading manufacturer of reed relays, ALEPH has constantly committed resources and engineering efforts to provide a complete product line to suit the widest possible variety of applications.

Types of Reed Relays

High frequency (RF) reed relays

To eliminate the effect of reflected waves in switching of RF transmission lines (circuits), the matching of circuit impedances is necessary. Our reed relays with coaxial geometry of electrostatic shields are best suited for switching RF transmission lines. Our product line features 50 Ohm characteristic impedance, high circuit isolation and low insertion loss.

High insulation resistance reed relays

When switching extremely low currents and scanning many inputs using two or more relays, the leakage current of the reed relays must be as small as possible. For such applications we have relays built with high insulation resistance reed switches. Also the internal construction of the relay, including complete epoxy encapsulation, results in reed relays with insulation resistances of 1x10E+12 Ohm or greater, between mutually isolated terminals. For switching currents lower than 10µA, we recommend using high insulation resistance, mercury wetted reed relays. These relays feature low and very stable contact resistance.