Aleph OS-1101 Actuator Type Opto Sensor

Aleph OS-1101 Opto Sensor

  • Photo IC output, Internal Schmitt trigger circuit
  • Directly compatible with TTL, LSTTL, CMOS
  • Low actuating force (0.4g)
  • PCB mounting only, Miniature
Actuator Type Counter weight
Operating Force 0.4g MAX
Output Type Photo IC
Dimensions (L X W X H) 12 X 8 X 23mm

Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Value
Input Forward Current IF 50mA
Reverse Voltage VR 5V
Output Supply Voltage VCC 16V
Output Current IO 50mA
Allowable Power Dissipation PO 250mW

Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Input Forward Voltage VF IF=8mA 1.15 1.4 V
Reverse Current IR VR=5V 10 µA
Output Operating Supply Voltage Range VCC 4.5 16 V
Low Level Output Voltage VOL IOL=16mA
0.15 0.4 V
High Level Output Voltage VOH IF=8mA
4.0 V
Low Level Supply Current ICCL IF=0
6 15 mA
High Level Supply Current ICCH IF=8mA
4 10 mA
L-H Threshold Input Current IFLH VCC=5V 2 5 mA
VCC=5V 8 mA
Hysteresis IFHL/IFLH VCC=5V 0.9
Switching Speed L-H Propagation Time tPLH VCC=5V
3 µS
H-L Propagation Time tPHL 5
Rise Time tr 0.1
Fall Time tf 0.05

Mechanical Characteristics

Item Limits
Operating Force 0.4g Max
Resistance to Vibration 10~55Hz, 1.5mm
Resistance to Shock 30G
Mechanical Life 106
Operating Temp. -20° ~ +75°C
Storage Temp. -25° ~ +90°C
Actuator Operation
FP 10°
PT 24° ± 3°
OF 0.4g Max


Aleph OS-1101 Actuator Type Opto Sensor Dimensions in mm (1mm = 0.0394 inches)  


Aleph OS-1101 Actuator Type Opto Sensor  


Aleph OS-1101 Actuator Type Opto Sensor (Bottom view)