Aleph OS-251A-30N8 Actuator Type Opto Sensor

Aleph OS-251A-30N8 Opto Sensor


Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Value
Input Forward Current IF 50mA
Reverse Voltage VR 4V
Output C-E Voltage VCEO 30V
E-C Voltage VECO 5V
Collector Current IC 20mA
Collector Power Dissipation PC 100mW

Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Input Forward Voltage VF IF=10mA 1.5 V
Reverse Current IR VR=5V 10 µA
Output C-E Saturation Voltage VCE (Sat) IF=20mA
0.4 V

1 with actuator operated 2 with actuator released