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Our “Reed Switch” was introduced as a one-of-a-kind, top product in the switching device field niche market offering continued support to Japan in its creative endeavors.

Reed Switches

Reed Switch Components Parts

  • Form “A” and “C” contacts
  • Dry, Vacuum and Mercury Wetted
  • Ultraminiature through large
  • 3 Watt to 70 Watt loads
  • Up to 15 kV breakdown voltages

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HYR-SERIES Selection Guide

Part No. Description Figure
HYR 1532 General application switches Switching power rating of 10 watt. Applications are wide including switching signal loads, driving electromechanical relays, etc. HYR-1532
HYR 1508 HYR-1532
HYR 1552
HYR 2004 HYR-2034
RD-76 Ultraminiature switches With glass capsule length of 7 to 12mm. These switches use very little space. Applications include miniature reed relays, keyboards, etc. HYR-1003
HYR 1003
HYR 1501 (for 110 VAC) High power switches Switching power rating between 20 and 70 Watt. May be used for directly switching power line voltages, i.e. 1 10 VAC or 220 VAC. HYR-1531
HYR 2003-1 (for 220 VAC) HYR-2003
HYR 2003-2 (high power)
HYR 2016 (for more than 220 VAC) HYR-2016
HYR 1559 High voltage breakdown switches Breakdown voltage rated up to 2,500 Volt. HYR-1559
HYR 2016 HYR-2016
HYR 1536 High inrush current switches May be used for switching incandescent lamp or capacitive loads without external current limiting resistors. HYR-1506