Aleph Dry Reed Switches

Contact Form

Aleph Reed SwitchesForm “A” (Normally Open) Switch contacts will close in the presence of a magnetic field. Form “C” (Single Pole, Double Throw) Aleph Reed SwitchesForm “C” switches have transfer mode contacts. When a magnetic field is applied, the common contact will be transferred from the normally closed (N.C.) contact to the normally open (N.O.) contact.  

Contact Material


Rhodium plated contacts are most popular. They have very stable characteristics and long life when switching low level to heavy loads. This is due to Rhodium’s high melting point and high hardness.


Ruthenium’s hardness is even greater than that of Rhodium. Ruthenium contacts have better mechanical wear and heat dissipation characteristics, yet only when switching low loads. Because of these characteristics ALEPH has developed a double plated contact with Ruthenium Oxide over Rhodium or Palladium. These double plated contacts have very good switching characteristics from low level to heavy loads.  

Selection Guide

Part No. Description Figure
HYR 1532 General application switches Switching power rating of 10 watt. Applications are wide including switching signal loads, driving electromechanical relays, etc. HYR-1532
HYR 1508 HYR-1532
HYR 1552
HYR 2004 HYR-2034
RD-7X Ultraminiature switches With glass capsule length of 7 to 12mm. These switches use very little space. Applications include miniature reed relays, keyboards, etc. HYR-1003
HYR 1003
HYR 1501 (for 110 VAC) High power switches Switching power rating between 20 and 70 Watt. May be used for directly switching power line voltages, i.e. 1 10 VAC or 220 VAC. HYR-1531
HYR 2003-1 (for 220 VAC) HYR-2003
HYR 2003-2 (high power)
HYR 2016 (for more than 220 VAC) HYR-2016
HYR 1559 High voltage breakdown switches Breakdown voltage rated up to 2,500 Volt. HYR-1559
HYR 2016 HYR-2016
HYR 1536 High inrush current switches May be used for switching incandescent lamp or capacitive loads without external current limiting resistors. HYR-1506
HYR 1555 Form “C” switches Feature break-before-make, single pole double through (SPDT) contacts. HYR-1555
RD-18A-S001 Surface Mount (no case)
NRS-701A Surface Mount with Plastic Case