Aleph HYR-1555 – Form “C” Reed Switch


Item Value
Contact Form 1C
Contact Position1 O
Contact Material Ruthenium3
Max. Contact Rating 3W
Max. Switching Voltage 100VDC
Max. Switching current 0.25A
Max. Initial Contact Resistance 200m Ω
Pull in Value (AT) 15-50
Min. Drop out Value (AT) 5
Min. Breakdown Voltage2 200VDC
Max. Contact Capacitance 0.8pF
Min. Insulation Resistance 109 Ω
Typ. Resonant Frequency 2.4kHz
Electrical Life (Resistive loads) 108 (10mVDC, 10µA) 2 X 106 (12VDC, 250mA)
Features Single pole, double throw
  1. C: Center gap O: Off center gap
  2. Breakdown voltage specifications are based on Pull-In sensitivity of 25 AT or higher. Contact ALEPH for information for switches with less than 25 AT sensitivity.
  3. Ruthenium Oxide over Rhodium.
HYR-1555 Reed Switch
  HYR 1003